Семейный и newborn фотограф в Уфе Елена Сакурова
Семейный и newborn фотограф в Уфе Елена Сакурова
Семейный и newborn фотограф в Уфе Елена Сакурова
Семейный и newborn фотограф в Уфе Елена Сакурова

About author


Elena was borne in 1983, in Russian city Ufa.

Elena is a photographer who is interested in every aspect of motherhood: relationship and connection between a mother and a child, changes that happens in a woman’s worldview after she becomes a mother.

Most of Elena’s art is focused on capturing moments of every day life of her triplets daughters.

In 2021, her project about children and motherhood was published in several magazines such as “Private” and “Edge of Humanity”. In 2023, the authors works participated in group exhibitions Haze Gallery /Berlin, Germany, Smol Gallery / Saint Petersburg, Russia, Imagenation Paris, Galerie Joseph le palais / Paris, France.


Artist statement

The main subject of Elena’s art is motherhood.


The author finds her inspiration in her triplet daughters. Elena takes everyday life portraits watching her children growing.


Her photography is a story about children’s relationship, about sisters’ closeness, about their childhood.


In 2021 Elena made a project about connection between a woman and nature, beauty of female body and motherhood


Elena Saifutdinova
nickname Elena Sakurova
Ufa, Russia
+7917 789 22 79


2023 — Group exhibition Imagenation Paris, Galerie Joseph le palais / Paris, France

2023 — Group exhibition Haze Gallery / Berlin, Germany

2023 — Group exhibition Smol Gallary / Saint Petersburg, Russia


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